Summit Pacific providers using virtual visits to bring care options to patients

Providers at Summit Pacific have begun offering virtual care options for their patients. 

These virtual visits are scheduled medical consultations teleconferenced between a patient and a provider. 

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require social distancing and limit unnecessary travel and gathering, this new virtual visit option is an excellent way to receive professional and personal healthcare without the risk of leaving one’s home. Providers are still able to order necessary lab tests and fill patient prescriptions.”

 The first virtual visits were rolled out last week as a part of Summit Pacific’s response efforts to COVID-19.

 “One of the challenges during this time is trying to keep our patients and community safe while also recognizing that many people still need access to their provider for routine check-ups, prescriptions and consultations about their health,” said Blake Rose, Director of Rural Health Clinics at Summit Pacific. “We understand that our community still has health needs, apart from COVID-19, and virtual visits offer the opportunity to meet those needs safely for our patients, staff and providers.”

 Summit Pacific has begun contacting some patients and offering this virtual visit option for certain types of visits. Patients can also schedule a virtual visit and should not neglect their own health needs, nor assume that Summit Pacific providers are unavailable. 

Patients who may be interested in a virtual visit should call 360-346-2222 for more information, or to schedule a virtual visit.

 To have a successful visit, all a patient needs is the ability to connect via a smartphone, tablet or computer with camera and the ability to download Zoom, or use FaceTime on iPhone, or Google Duo on Android.

 Patients should consider virtual visits for routine visits, follow-up appointments, or for minor illnesses. Virtual visits are not for urgent or life-threatening situations; those patients should call 911 or go to the Emergency Department.

Individuals who have medical questions about their health, related to COVID-19, should call Summit Pacific Respiratory Care Unit’s nurse triage line at 360-346-2222.