Grays Harbor, WA – Nearly 150 additional DUI patrols begin around the state starting today as traffic safety officials begin a focus on impairment for alcohol and cannabis.

The patrols are scheduled continue through Labor Day weekend, when officials say fatalities from impairment tend to increase.

In a release, officials say they offer a simple message for drivers who consume alcohol or other drugs:  plan before you party. 

“We conduct the `Plan before you party’ campaign during the busy summer travel time because we want everyone to get home safe,” says Mark Medalen, impaired driving program manager at the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC). “Planning ahead for a safe ride is especially important for the small number of Washington drivers who mix alcohol and cannabis.”

In the release, it states that from 2012 to 2017, Washington experienced a 15 percent per year increase in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes who were impaired from more than one substance, known as poly-drug drivers.   Alcohol and cannabis are the most frequent combination found in drivers involved in deadly crashes

“The good news is that most Washington drivers are concerned about traffic safety, and agree that impairment begins as soon as you start consuming alcohol and cannabis” said Medalen. “We must focus on turning concern to action, by making a plan before you party, or helping others who are impaired get a ride, use rideshare or public transportation.”

To help deliver the message, WTSC is placing 75 ‘standees’ – free standing, tall posters – in cannabis retail shops around the state, in a first-time effort to place traffic safety messaging where people shop or buy cannabis.

Officials state that from 2013 to 2017 nearly 75 percent of cannabis-positive drivers in fatal crashes were also positive for other drugs and/or alcohol.  Poly-drug drivers are now the most common type of impaired driver involved in fatal crashes.

Said Medalen, “Our hope is to reduce traffic deaths to zero.  Planning ahead is one action you can take to keep our roads and our families safe. There’s another way that everyone can help.  If you see someone impaired, engage with them and help them find another way home. Road safety is up to all of us.”

Law enforcement agencies participating in the DUI patrols in Grays Harbor include;

  • Aberdeen Police Department
  • Elma Police Department
  • Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hoquiam Police Department
  • Montesano Police Department
  • Ocean Shores Police Department
  • Pacific County Sheriff’s Office
  • Raymond Police Department
  • Shelton Police Department
  • South Bend Police Department
  • Westport Police Department
  • Washington State Patrol