Suicidal woman rescued from under Simpson Ave Bridge

A suicidal woman was rescued under the Simpson Ave Bridge.

The Hoquiam Police Department tells KXRO that early Sunday morning; officers were sent to the Simpson Avenue Bridge after a woman was heard screaming for help.

Officers found the 21 year old Hoquiam woman in the Hoquiam River, trying to hold onto a bridge abutment.

According to police, Officer Jimmy Wells and Sgt. Jeremy Mitchell had to climb a locked gate and fence so they could throw a rescue disk down to the woman.

Officer Wells and Sgt. Mitchell were able to hold the woman from sinking and being carried away in the tide as she lost her grip on the bridge.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Beck brought a rope from his patrol car and climbed down to help the officers.

The woman was able to wrap her arms around the rope and the three officers pulled the woman about 50-60 feet out of the river to the bridge railing above.

HPD says that the woman was exhausted and suffering from exposure from the frigid river water and currents.

Hoquiam Police added that the woman admitted she was high on methamphetamine and had been attempting suicide by jumping onto the concrete bridge abutment below, but had a last second change of heart and fell just short of the abutment, instead landing in the river.

The Hoquiam Fire Department transported her to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for treatment and a mental health evaluation.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said “I would like to commend the actions of Officer James Gaddis, Officer Wells, Sgt. Mitchell and Deputy Beck for immediately putting aside their own safety to jump into action in order to rescue someone who was close to drowning. Regardless of why she ended up in the situation, I have no doubt the officers prevented this woman’s death and hopefully this will allow her to seek the help she needs.”



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