Student packets available for Aberdeen students

Learning Packets for Aberdeen students are available for all grade levels, Preschool (above) through Grade 12. 

The school district says that students or parents can pick up these packets at the Food Service sites throughout the District, from 10 a.m. to noon on weekdays. 

These paper packets are optional as the content can also be found online by accessing the Instructional Services page and navigating to your child’s grade level.

The district states  that they are now immersed in a Distance Learning Model through the remainder of this school year and while there may be some changes along the way, but school is back in session through distance learning.

Parents can find their student’s school online and navigate to the teacher pages. 

Every teacher in the district has information for their students on their web page.

“There are opportunities for all students to make progress this spring.”

Learning Packets

Find your student’s grade level under the Learning Resources section of the ASD5 website and download learning materials.