State Fire Marshal encourages Boating Fire Safety

As the state’s boating season continues and more residents navigate the waters for fun and sun, the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office asks residents to be responsible and safe. 

According to a release from the Fire Marshal, fires that occur on boats can spread quickly and present unique response challenges due to hazardous conditions and limited access.

In a 2020 report by the US Coast Guard and the US Department of Homeland Security, nationally 6% of boating accidents resulted from fires onboard with 2.2% of those fire incidents occurring in Washington State.

The Fire Marshal says that the best defense against fire is prevention.

Boating safely every year includes the following:

  •       Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  •       Have an emergency plan and practice it.
  •       Inspect electrical wiring, connections, cords, and battery-charging equipment to ensure proper installation and their condition.
  •       Have appropriate fire extinguishers and make sure that they are easily and readily accessible and that they are not more than 12 years old from the date stamped on the extinguisher bottle. Extinguishers must be removed from service on December 31st of the 12th year.
  •       For boats built in 2017 or earlier, only extinguishers rated as Marine Type US Coast Guard approved Type B:C, size I or size II should be used.
  •       Check your cooling and exhaust systems to ensure they are working properly.
  •       Turn off portable heaters whenever leaving your boat or going to sleep.
  •       Only use certified chargers for personal electronic devices and don’t overload any of your power outlets.

If a fire does occur, alert boat occupants and quickly get to a safe location and contact the fire department. If fire can be contained with a fire extinguisher, use it from a safe location.

 Boating can be fun but remember, prevention is the key to you and your family’s safety. While on the water take the time to build cherished memories by practicing boating safety to ensure your continued return home.