Starting Jan. 1, Aberdeen residents will be limited on their garage sales

Garage sales are now limited to 4-per-year within the City of Aberdeen.

The third and final reading of an ordinance to lower the maximum allowable sales a home may have in one year within Aberdeen was approved on Wednesday.

Adjusted from the original motion that would have limited it at 2-per-year, the approved ordinance allows a residence to hold 4 sales at an address, for up to 3 days per sale.

In discussion through the process, the City has stated that currently there are sales held within the city by individuals who are believed to be either using it as a business or possibly trafficking in stolen goods. With the sale limit set prior at 10-per-year, they said that it was not possible to accurately track the number of sales a person had.

By lowering the number, staff would be able to better monitor the problem sales.

A motion by Councilmember Denny Lawrence to add a requirement to license each garage sale with the city, both as a way to track them internally and to place them on an updated list on the city website for residents, was not approved.

The change from 10 to 4 per year was put into effect on a vote of 9-3, with councilmembers Tawni Andrews, Jim Cook, and Alice Phelps voting against the change.

The limit will go into effect starting January 1, 2018.

Photo property of Flickr userĀ Mark Turnauckas



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