Originally Posted March 28, 2013

The standoff with police in Hoquiam has ended and the suspect was shot dead while the home was engulfed in flame.

Hoquiam Sergeant Brian Dayton tells KXRO that the suspect came out of the home and gunshots were exchanged with police. The suspect went down at the scene, and no police were injured following the exchange.

No ambulance or hospital were called.

A source told KXRO that soon after flash grenades were sent into the home, the entire structure burst into flame.

The home looks to be a complete loss.

Police continued to use loudspeakers and send gas into the home in the home overnight in an effort to not allow the suspect to sleep.

The standoff began when 4 officers arrived at a home Wednesday to serve a warrant and were fired upon by the suspect.

A Hoquiam officer was shot and treated at Grays Harbor Community Hospital for minor wounds. Following the attack, the 49 year old barricaded himself in the 2nd floor of the home.

Officers from throughout Western Washington arrived on scene and evacuate neighboring houses and taped off the area.

Throughout the day, attempts were made to negotiate with the suspect.

Standoff House