Stafford Creek positive COVID tests continue to increase

Aberdeen, WA – COVID-19 positive test results increased by over 100 at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in the latest numbers.

The Washington State Department of Corrections issued a report on Christmas Eve and they stated that there were 786 incarcerated individuals that have tested positive at Stafford Creek.

That is up 123 from the 663 that was previously reported by the Department of Corrections.

They say that corrections’ staff continue to work extended hours in response to COVID-19.

In acknowledgement of their dedication, sacrifice, and commitment; staff recognition groups at facilities across the state have been giving staff treats, snacks, coffee, and other forms of appreciation.

Statewide the corrections COVID totals include 2,348 Total Active Incarcerated Cases and 1,580 Total Recovered Incarcerated Cases.

According to the Department of corrections, Washington is 20th out of 50 states for number of positive cases and 25th out of 50 states for cases as a percentage of the population

The Washington State Department of Corrections says they take very seriously the health and safety of the incarcerated individuals in the state’s custody and the Department is working hard to provide the most informed and best quality healthcare to all individuals in the state’s custody.