Stafford Creek at nearly 450 COVID-19 cases

Stafford Creek Corrections Center updated their local case count, now showing 448 incarcerated individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 locally.

In addition, 40 staff have tested positive.

Those individuals have been segregated from the general population, and the gym has been converted to an alternate housing area.

In addition to the gym, an internal memo states that staff are making preparations in the visit room to be used as alternate housing and are exploring other options as well. 

Plans are being made to include showers, telephones, TV and other needs in these alternate housing units. 

In the memo it states, “These changes are meant to minimize the short and long-term impact that our response will have on incarcerated population. It is our hope by taking these measures that we can mitigate potential exposure and reduce the amount of time it will take to get back to a new normal with our operations. “

There are currently 3,385 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Washington DOC facilities.