Staff member at Pacific Care and Rehabilitation tests positive for COVID-19

Hoquiam, WA – Grays Harbor Public Health and Grays Harbor Emergency Operations Center have identified an outbreak of COVID-19 at Pacific Care and Rehabilitation in Hoquiam. 

They say a staff member has tested positive with COVID-19 and was working during their infectious period. 

The investigation is ongoing, but this outbreak has been preliminarily linked to the Beehive Assisted Living Community outbreak announced last week. 

The Washington State Department of Health classifies any positive case within a congregant living environment as an outbreak.

Pacific Care and Rehabilitation is working closely with Grays Harbor County’s COVID-19 Incident Management Team to have all employees and residents tested for COVID-19. 

Grays Harbor Public Health says 93 staff and all 61 residents have been tested with the one positive result being the original staff member. 

Tests will continue to be conducted every 7 days until there are 14 days without positive results within the facility. 

Grays Harbor Public Health also gave an update on the outbreak of COVID-19 within the Beehive Assisted Living Community in McCleary. 

They say that with every employee and resident tested, there are currently 15 cases associated with this outbreak. 

Earlier this week, a resident passed away at a local hospital from a pre-existing medical condition that was impacted by COVID-19. 

The Beehive and Grays Harbor County’s COVID-19 Incident Management Team are working cooperatively to manage the outbreak.

The Beehive will be posting community updates on its website and invites the community to visit it for the most current information:

Grays Harbor County Public Health updates COVID-19 numbers daily at noon on