Sport Halibut fishing set to open for a day next week in local waters

WDFW – Sport Halibut fishing is set to open for a day next week in the Ilwaco, Westport, and Ocean Shores areas.

The WDFW says that Marine Area 1 and Marine Area 2 will open to recreational halibut fishing on Friday, Sept. 24.

They say there is sufficient Washington sport allocation to open an additional fishing day without exceeding the overall statewide sport allocation.

Marine Areas 3 through 10 remain open to recreational halibut fishing three days per week, Thursday through Saturday through Sept. 25 or, until the quota is projected to be taken, whichever occurs first.

The WDFW says sport halibut season dates in September will remain open as long as there is enough quota to open for another day but may close prior to Sept. 25 if the Washington sport allocation is projected to be taken.

Anglers are reminded that the Makah Reservation, including marinas and all services, remain closed to visitors to support public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neah Bay on the Makah Reservation represents the primary direct boat access in Neah Bay (Marine Area 4), and as a result, those fishing in this areas must launch from and land in other areas.

Anglers fishing in Marine Area 4 are required to follow all rules and regulations for that area, regardless of where they return with their catch.

Yelloweye retention is prohibited in all Washington marine areas.

It is unlawful to land halibut in an area that is closed to halibut fishing.