A man running late for work got into an accident in Hoquiam.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers issued a report saying that officers and the Hoquiam Fire Department were called this week to an accident blocking Riverside Ave just before the Riverside Bridge.

When they arrived, HPD says that they found no injuries in the collision between a small white car and a service truck pulling a boat trailer.

Photo from Hoquiam Police Department

The driver of the truck said that the pulled onto Riverside from 15th Street and did not see the car approaching.

Myers says that talking to the 21-year old Hoquiam man driving the car that caused the accident, they found the man was speeding down Riverside Ave and passing other vehicles on the right because he was late for work.

The accident was reported at 11:51am, and the man reportedly told officers he was trying to be in Ocean Shores by noon.

The accident bent the boat trailer, pushing it onto the car.

Photo from Hoquiam Police Department
Photo from Hoquiam Police Department

The car and the trailer were both towed from the scene for damage.

Myers says that witness statements from other motorists on Riverside and a video taken by someone showing the car speeding, the driver was issued a traffic infraction for speed too fast for conditions- resulting in a collision.

As the accident was being cleared, Myers stated that another accident occurred nearby as an 18-year old Aberdeen driver rear-ended a pick-up that was slowing for traffic.