South Bend SD addresses recent event of student-to-student threats

The South Bend School District issued a statement, saying that they wanted to address a recent safety concern within the district.

Superintendent Jon Tienhaara posted to his blog that the district wanted to ensure that they met their commitment to transparency and community engagement, the South Bend School District wanted to address and clarify events that occurred on campus, dispelling any rumors and ensuring the community is informed directly from them.

According to the post, on Monday morning, the administration was made aware that a student had reportedly made threats towards another student through online social platforms. 

The district says that the student involved was contacted by the administration and admitted to making the threats.

Local law enforcement were contacted and interviewed the student before escorting them home while confirming theyl had no access to weapons at any time.

Tienhaara adds “It is important to emphasize that at no point were weapons brought onto school premises.”

The South Bend School District’s Threat Assessment Team, under the guidance of school administration, and school Mental Health Generalist Dr. Stacey Villanueva, are actively collaborating with SBPD Chief Stigall to ensure that a plan is in place moving forward. 

“We understand the importance of clear and open communication in maintaining a safe educational environment. Should you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out. Our priority remains the safety, security, and well-being of all our students and staff members.  If there is ever a concern related to the safety of our students and/or staff, please report those concerns to school administration immediately.”

Tienhaara stated that anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the school district.

Contact Information: Dr. Jon Tienhaara Superintendent, South Bend School District 

Phone: 360.875.6041 | Fax: 360.875.6062 

Email: [email protected]