South Bend Schools return to in-person learning on Monday

South Bend Superintendent Jon Tienhaara issued an update to residents that the school district will be reopening all schools to in-person learning beginning Monday, January 11, 2021.  

“We are very happy to have our students return to campus! “ said Tienhaara.

According to the update, the Pacific County Health Department notified the district the county is in the “moderate” activity level as defined by the governor’s K-12 In-person Learning Provisions Tool Kit, which allows in-person learning.  

Schools will again be operating on the AA/BB hybrid student schedule.  

Monday and Tuesday will be for the A student group, and Thursday and Friday will be for the B student group.  Wednesday will be a remote learning day for all students.  As before, students and staff will be required to wear face coverings and comply with distancing requirements and other health measures as required by the state.

Parents or students with questions should contact their respective school at 360-875-6041.