South Bend considers fireworks restrictions; asks for public input

The City of South Bend is asking for the public’s opinion on the future of fireworks within city limits.

In a poll posted online, they ask residents for their input on if restrictions should or should not be put in place for future years.

They presented three options to the public.

  • All Safe and Sane Fireworks Allowed (No Change)
  • No Aerial Fireworks Allowed Except at the Boat Launch (Ground and Small Devices Allowed)
  • 100% Ban on All Fireworks

Within Washington, many ground fireworks and some mortars are legal to be used outside of tribal lands, although bottle rockets, missiles, and the majority of aerial fireworks are already banned for consumer use within cities.

The poll will be placed on a flyer included in utility bills coming up in September, although if residents would prefer to vote online there is a website set up,, specifically for this poll.

They ask that responses be limited to only one vote per address.