South Bend closer to selecting new mascot

South Bend School District has moved to the next phase of their mascot selection process.  

In 2021, a Washington state law signed by Governor Inslee banned all Native American related names and imagery from being used as school mascots within the state, forcing South Bend to replace Indians as the longtime High School mascot.

As previously announced by Superintendent Jon Tienhaara, the current phase is now to take community input on identified mascot names/images.  

The mascot names receiving the most local support from polling conducted last summer include:  Timbers, Bears, WarHawks, & RiverHawks.  

Image samples are installed at Koplitz Field House, where community members can view and provide input at upcoming home basketball games.  

Input can also be provided to school director Wendy Manlow at [email protected].  

A focus group will be appointed this month to review feedback and recommend two possible mascots to the South Bend School board of directors, who will make a mascot selection before March 1, 2023.  

After the mascot name is selected, final mascot imagery will be determined.  

Individuals who have interest in serving on the focus group can contact Manlow.