Some Hoquiam residents could see water rate reductions in 2024 based on income

Additional low income senior citizens in Hoquiam could receive a discount on their water rates starting in the new year.

At their Monday meeting, the council approved an ordinance that adjusts Hoquiam Municipal Code in regards to water rates to modify how discounts would apply to certain residents.

The code, 8.12.020 (4), currently reads that low income Hoquiam residents aged sixty-five and older may apply to receive water service rates with a 25% discount.

Under the change, the rate reductions would adjust depending on household income.

Starting on January 1, 2024, low income residents above sixty-five could still see the 25% discount if their income does not exceed $20,000. If the annual gross income does not exceed $25,000 the discount could be 20%, and if the annual gross income does not exceed $30,000 the discount would be 15% off their rates.

Within the 2023 HUD Adjusted Home Income Limits, a Grays Harbor resident would be considered as Low Income if their one-person household makes less than $46,800 or Very Low Income if their income was not more than $33,050. These limits adjust depending on the amount of people in the home. 

In the change within Hoquiam there are additional requirements beyond income. The home must be their principal residence and it may not qualify as subsidized housing, 

Applications for the rate reduction must be filed on an annual basis.

The vote was unanimous in support of the change.