Slide closes SR 109 outside Hoquiam

A landslide closed SR 109 overnight.

The Hoquiam Police Department alerted KXRO and posted online around 1:30am of the slide blocking the highway.

According to HPD, the road was closed early Friday at MP 2 after the hillside fell.

As with similar landslides in the past in that area, drivers were advised to detour through Powell Road, Ocean Beach Highway, and US 101 to avoid the area. 

In the overnight hours, there was no ETA as to when the road would be cleaned up and reopened to traffic. 

As daylight came to the area, HPD noted that the slide was not as bad as first throught, but a geologist was called to the scene to assess the slide.

As rain is anticipated to return to the region over the coming days, ground saturation following months of dry weather could bring additional slides and drivers should be aware.