Shop with a Cop Means Lights and Sirens in Aberdeen

Police will be out on Saturday with lights and sirens at full force moving throughout Aberdeen. Don’t be alarmed by this, as it is just the annual “Shop with a Cop”. Officers throughout Grays Harbor will be accompanying underprivileged local children as they get their own police escort to do holiday shopping.

Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott says that the day begins when officers have breakfast with the children and Santa in South Aberdeen before patrol cars turn on lights and sirens and and bring the children through Downtown Aberdeen.

The Sheriff reminds residents not to be alarmed and call 911 about the sirens. The entire event lasts approximately 1 hour.

Pacific County had their “Shop with a Cop” event over the last 2 weekends.

For an example of what you can expect in Aberdeen, Click Here for footage from Pacific County.


Shop with a Cop

Pacific County Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Matlock with his shopping partner.



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