Sewer Snewers win 39th annual Winos/Snewers game

15 miles past any city limits and only miles from where the road turns to gravel, over a hundred spectators were on hand Saturday for a game that has spread across generations and is an event that has become part of Grays Harbor lore.

KXRO was on hand for the invite-only weekend on a piece of property next to the Wishkah River with no markings to indicate its location.

A grassy lot is turned into a softball field one weekend a year for a game between the Sewer Snewers and the Wishkah Winos.


Historians tell us that it all started with 2 hunting groups. One group was from Wishkah, and the other from Montesano. A letter sent from Wishkah invited the others out to a baseball game that has been held in; fields, a gravel pit, and “around 30” of the 39 years at the current location.

While the game has changed since 1978 (including numerous “house rules” that include the trees being in play, a break between the 6th and 7th for beer and hotdogs, and the flagpole is an automatic home run) the rivalry has remained.

That letter is still kept along with the scores of each game at the home of one of the original families.

2018 will mark the 40th annual meeting of the teams, who hold no other games for the rest of the year.

They meet as tradition the final full weekend in July for family, friends, dice, horseshoes, camping, swimming, and the game at noon on the Saturday.

Following 7 innings, with the mandatory beer and hot dog break, the Sewer Snewers came out the victors in a final score of 12-3.

A game that started in 1978 now has children and grandchildren of the founding teams playing in front of friends and family, continuing a tradition started 39 years ago.

For this year, the Sewer Snewers are “Still #1”.




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