Server crash leads to outage of parcel data websites

A server crash took down websites for local property values at the Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office.

In a statement from Grays Harbor County Assessor Dan Lindgren, he says that the crash on Tuesday impacted all counties across the state.

In what he calls a “major server crash” the Taxsifter and Mapsifter websites went down, blocking access to all property tax and assessment information.  

Thomson Reuters, the software vendor, worked to replace the damaged server and the websites were working again on Wednesday. 

“The Grays Harbor County Assessor and Treasurer would like to relay our sincere apologies for any inconveniences that this may cause the many people that use our public website in their daily work and property research. 

We know how important this information is to you.  We work hard to provide as much data to the public as we can but unfortunately, even technology sometimes can break.”

Lindgren says that all of the assessment and tax data is safe following the incident.