Sections of local highways available for “adoption”

The Washington State Department of Transportation says that as restrictions loosen, Adopt-a-Highway volunteers are returning and local stretches of highway are available for adoption.

WSDOT says that after more than a year of being suspended due to the pandemic, volunteer Adopt-a-Highway groups are heading back out to help clear roadway trash and litter.

“Groups can resume their important work helping keep our highways clean.“

Locally, there are over 80 local stretches of roadway available throughout the Grays Harbor area.

Residents can be involved by considering forming  an Adopt-a-Highway group.

WSDOT provides road signs, safety equipment and training to Adopt-a-Highway volunteer groups, and also picks up and disposes of the bags of trash they collect.

Volunteer groups may be clubs, employees of a business, or concerned citizens.

All participants must be at least 15 years of age and in good health. Typically, an assigned section includes between two and four miles of roadside.