School staff union votes “no confidence” in Aberdeen Superintendent

The Aberdeen Education Association has passed a vote of “no confidence” in Aberdeen School District Superintendent Dr. Alicia Henderson.

In a statement from the local union, they say that teachers and other educators delivered the “no confidence” vote on Monday evening.

With that vote, they are calling for the resignation or termination of Henderson.

 According to the statement, AEA members were 99% percent in favor of the vote. 

Aberdeen EA President Cathleen Wilder says that the union expects “the School Board to take action at their July meeting so we can focus on our students.”

School Board Agenda for Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Full statement from AEA;

Vote of No Confidence and call for the immediate resignation or termination of Aberdeen Superintendent of Schools Alicia Henderson

We, the members of the Aberdeen Education Association, are forced to deliver a vote of no confidence and a call for the resignation or for the Aberdeen School Board to take action for the immediate termination, of Superintendent Alicia Henderson for gross mismanagement, deceit, and reckless disregard for the interests of the students, community, and staff.  Henderson’s actions have clearly and irrevocably rendered her unfit to continue to act in any role associated with the Aberdeen School District.

 “We can no longer stand by while this superintendent drives our students, our schools and our morale into the ground,” Aberdeen EA President Cathleen Wilder says. “We have lost faith and simply don’t have the time nor the wherewithal to continue trying to work with someone who has a complete lack of regard for students, staff, our schools and our community.”

 AEA members did not take the “no confidence” vote lightly. Leaders say it was past time to take this step because of issues including Henderson’s complete lack of transparency, needless lay-offs resulting in the loss of valuable veteran teachers who have left the district, and upending teaching teams creating unnecessary chaos around the district due to irrational and unreasonable transfers in addition to numerous lay-offs.

 “Our school community deserves a strong and trusted leader during these uncertain times,” Wilder says, “We expect the School Board to take action at their July meeting so we can focus on our students.”