Scammers continue to threaten power shutoffs

The Grays Harbor PUD says that criminals are continuing their efforts to scam local residents.

In a release, officials say that they are being told scammers are renewing their phone calls to Grays Harbor PUD customers, threatening to shutoff power if payment is not made on accounts they claim are overdue.  

They tell KXRO that in the last week, the PUD has been notified by multiple customers that they had been contacted by phone and that in some cases, the incoming calls appear to be from the utility.

“The bad news is that the scam calls are still being made.  The good news is customers are calling the PUD to check their accounts rather than handing money or information over to the scammers,” says Customer Service Supervisor Megan Warner.  “If you get an email or phone call threatening to shut off your power or containing account information you think is suspicious, call the PUD Customer Service office to report the call and to check on your account status.  These scams only work when you volunteer your personal information.”

Anyone who receives a phone call that they feel is fraudulent should under no circumstances agree to send money or give bank account, credit card or other personal information. 

Customers are advised to immediately contact PUD Customer Service at 360-532-4220 to verify the claim.