Same-day reservations available at local parks and other locations

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (Parks) has announced that its same-day reservation pilot program has expanded to 26 parks across the state.   

This includes multiple parks in our area.

Additionally, Parks has implemented a new flexible dates feature in its reservations system. Rather than searching for exact dates, visitors can now choose the flexible booking dates option and see when different sites are available.

This new feature lets campers with flexibility find a site, especially during peak season, at busier parks.  

Same-day reservations  

Same-day reservations allow visitors to secure campsites before heading to a park instead of loading up and heading out, not knowing if an empty site will be available when they arrive. 

This offering also allows parks to better fill empty sites when there are last-minute cancellations.   

Visitors can make same-day camping reservations until 4 p.m. Same-day reservations are made just like regular reservations. Book your stay online, or by calling (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688.   

Same-day camping reservations are available at the following parks:  

  • Alta Lake 
  • Belfair 
  • Birch Bay 
  • Bridgeport 
  • Cape Disappointment 
  • Conconully 
  • Curlew Lake 
  • Deception Pass 
  • Fort Casey 
  • Fort Worden 
  • Lake Chelan 
  • Lake Easton 
  • Lake Sylvia 
  • Lewis and Clark Trail 
  • Lincoln Rock 
  • Millersylvania 
  • Moran 
  • Ocean City 
  • Pacific Beach 
  • Pearrygin Lake 
  • Riverside Bowl and Pitcher 
  • Sequim Bay 
  • Schafer 
  • Twanoh 
  • Twenty-Five Mile Creek 
  • Wenatchee Confluence   

Flexible Dates  

To use the flexible dates feature, visit the reservations website and choose “flexible dates.” Once the flexible dates button is selected, choose a time period up to four months in advance, the park and add the group size and equipment. Hit search and check out the dates and sites available at your park of choice — making it easier to pick a spot without having to search through a bunch of dates that may or may not work. Visitors can also add filters to accommodate specific needs.  


For more information, please reach out to the Parks Information Center by calling (360) 902-8844 or emailing [email protected].