Roughly 87% of Grays Harbor school staff and 82% in Pacific County are vaccinated, according to data

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) recently released school district data on how many employees were in compliance with the deadline for vaccination documentation.

Governor Inslee had issued the requirement that all K–12 public and private school employees in Washington state to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or obtain a medical or religious exemption. 

This requirement went into effect on October 18, 2021. 

From October 19–25, OSPI collected data from school districts showing their staff vaccination and exemption rates at the classroom, school building, and district central office levels.

Statewide, the data showed that nearly 90% of our K–12 workforce is fully vaccinated. It also stated that 0.72% had obtained a medical exemption and 9.57% had received a religious exemption.

In Grays Harbor and Pacific County, many local school districts were similar to the state figure for fully vaccinated employees. 

County School District Vaccination Status Percentage
Grays Harbor Aberdeen School District Fully vaccinated 87%
Grays Harbor Cosmopolis School District Fully vaccinated 84%
Grays Harbor Elma School District Fully vaccinated 86%
Grays Harbor Hoquiam School District Fully vaccinated 86%
Grays Harbor Lake Quinault School District Fully vaccinated 88%
Grays Harbor McCleary School District Fully vaccinated 86%
Grays Harbor Montesano School District Fully vaccinated 87%
Grays Harbor North Beach School District Fully vaccinated 96%
Grays Harbor Oakville School District Fully vaccinated 84%
Grays Harbor Ocosta School District Fully vaccinated 82%
Grays Harbor Satsop School District Fully vaccinated 91-100%
Grays Harbor Taholah School District Fully vaccinated 93%
Grays Harbor Wishkah Valley School District Fully vaccinated 66%
Pacific Naselle-Grays River Valley School District Fully vaccinated 81%
Pacific North River School District Fully vaccinated 43%
Pacific Ocean Beach School District Fully vaccinated 90%
Pacific Raymond School District Fully vaccinated 80%
Pacific South Bend School District Fully vaccinated 76%
Pacific Willapa Valley School District Fully vaccinated 85%


The North Beach School District saw the greatest percentage of vaccinated employees with 96%, although OSPI listed Satsop School District between 91-100%. 

The lowest totals in Grays Harbor came from Wishkah Valley School District at 66% vaccinated. The next lowest figures were from Ocosta School District at 82%.

Satsop and Wishkah are the two of the smallest districts within the county, and with fewer employees the percentage would shift far more than others per deviation.

Aberdeen, Elma, and Hoquiam rank as the largest districts within Grays Harbor as far as staff, and they showed 87%, 86%, and 86% respectively.

In Pacific County it followed a similar trend, with the Ocean Beach School District showing the highest overall vaccination rate at 90%. Ocean Beach also has the largest staff county-wide.

The smallest district in the county, North River, is shown to have only 43% vaccinated employees.

South Bend School District is listed as NULL in the figures from OSPI, although Superintendent Jon Tienhaara states that this was not due to lack of data submission. According to Tienhaara, 

“Several of the employee categories OSPI asked for consist of less than 10 employees (n<10).  South Bend School District chose to suppress the information of these employee groups to protect the individual privacy of these impacted employees.  OSPI was informed (before hand) of our intent to protect these employees, and we asked to be given the ability to submit data in a manner that ensures employee privacy.  Our request was denied.  Though we were told by OSPI that they would suppress any identifiable information, South Bend School District believes we have an obligation to protect employee privacy at the lowest level, thereby better ensuring employee privacy is maintained and not inadvertently disclosed.”

In total, in numbers distributed by OSPI and compared between each school district by KXRO, it appears that roughly 87% of school staff in Grays Harbor and 82% of school staff in Pacific County are vaccinated. The remainder of staff either received an exemption, are mid-vaccination process, or are unvaccinated.


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