Grays Harbor County’s resolution to oppose I-1639 has again been pushed back and now it faces opposition.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have had a resolution on the agenda multiple weeks that opposes I-1639, the initiative that increases gun regulations in the state.

For multiple different reasons it has been postponed from one meeting to the next.

At their meeting yesterday it was again not passed and this time it met opposition for the first time as well.

Commissioner Vickie Raines, who brought the resolution forward in the first place could not be at the meeting and when Commissioner Wes Cormier moved for its approval, Commissioner Randy Ross did not second it.

Commissioner Ross later stated that he was concerned about the liability such a resolution could bring on the county and said he would rather send a personal letter instead.

Commissioner Cormier said he did not believe that there would be issues with passing the resolution.

The resolution could still appear on a later agenda.