Reports of Ocean Shores child abduction unfounded

The Ocean Shores Police Department issued a release following rumors of a child abduction in the city.

According to their release, ariund 1pm today they responded to a report of a child abduction.

After investigating, OSPD determined that this was an issue of a child custody dispute.

“There is no reason to believe that the child is in any danger, and no one is being sought at this time.”

Officers tell KXRO that theybresponded to a child daycare facility in Ocean Shores when the child’s father reported an unknown couple had picked up his 3-year old son and left with him.

In their investigation it showed that the person who picked up the child was his mother, and that the father and mother are currently in a custody dispute.

“At this point, neither parent has exclusive custody of the child, so no laws were broken for the mother to take the child.”