Report shows number of times local students were restrained

State Superintendent Randy Dorn has released data on the number of students and incidents in which students were either restrained or isolated.

In Grays Harbor, this includes 35 students, 61 incidents, and 2 injuries reported. In Pacific County, there were 4 students, 12 incidents, and 6 injuries reported.

In Willapa Valley, they reported a single student show 9 incidents and 6 injuries.

Restraints (Unduplicated)
Injuries to
District (County) School Students Incidents students
Grays Harbor
Aberdeen AJ West Elem. 6 14 1
Aberdeen Central Park Elem. 1 1 0
Aberdeen Hopkins Pre 1 1 0
Aberdeen McDermoth Elem. 4 6 0
Aberdeen Robert Gray Elem. 4 13 0
Cosmopolis Cosmopolis Elem. 1 7 0
Hoquiam Emerson Elem. 9 9 0
Hoquiam Lincoln 7 7 0
Lake Quinault NR NR NR
McCleary NR NR NR
Montesano 0 0 0
North Beach Ocean Shores Elem. 2 3 1
North River 0 0 0
Oakville NR NR NR
Ocosta NR NR NR
Wishkah NR NR NR
Pacific County
Naselle 0 0 0
Ocean Beach Hilltop 1 1 0
Ocean Beach Ilwaco HS 1 1 0
Ocean Beach Long Beach Elem. 1 1 0
Raymond 0 0 0
South Bend NR NR NR
TOTALS 4 12 6


The data are required to be collected and reported as part of Substitute House Bill 1240, which passed in 2015.

As defined in state law:

  • “Isolation” means restricting the student alone within a room or any other form of enclosure, from which the student may not leave…
  • “Restraint” means physical intervention or force used to control a student, including the use of a restraint device to restrict a student’s freedom of movement…

“The federal government has required us to collect this data for special education for a number of years now,” Dorn said. “A few of those incidents have received public attention, so the Legislature asked us to expand what we collect so we can find out how often restraints and isolations are being done to all students. This was the first year that districts have had to collect that data.”

Dorn added that the data collected are related to safety and security but do not include discipline-related incidents.

Of the state’s 295 school districts, 217 sent data. “We’re pleased that we now have baseline data,” Dorn said, “although in the future, we hope to receive better participation from districts.”

Statewide from January to June 2016. The data shows:

  • 2,384 students were involved in 11,409 incidents requiring restraint, resulting in 227 injuries to students;
  • 1,441 students were involved in 8,706 incidents requiring isolation, resulting in 106 injuries to students;
  • 770 teacher were injured in incidents requiring restraint and 219 teachers were injured in incidents requiring isolation.

Districts were not required to report the type of injuries sustained, nor were they required to report information about students, such as their race, ethnicity or gender.

Districts also reported on the types of restraint and isolation used.

District Type of restraint
Aberdeen Personal/Physical Restraint
Aberdeen Therapeutic Holding
Cosmopolis Therapeutic Holding
Ocean Beach Personal/Physical Restraint
Ocean Beach restraint by police and medical personnel
Ocean Beach Other
Ocean Beach Right Response
Ocean Beach Therapeutic Holding
Willapa Valley Personal/Physical Restraint


Due to time and technical issues, though, the data were only available at the district level this year. In future years, data will be available by school. Also, future data will include an entire school year.




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