Relay for Life of Grays Harbor no longer exists; for now

The Relay for Life of Grays Harbor is no more, at least for this year.

According to a post from the local event, they say that it was brought to their attention over the weekend by an American Cancer Society representative that Grays Harbor no longer has a Relay.

The post states that the discovery came when they went to do a reset for the ACS website to reflect the 2023 plans, but when you use the  “Search for a Relay” option, Grays Harbor is no longer listed.

In 1985, Dr. Gordy Klatt began the activity when he walked for 24 hours at the University of Puget Sound track to raise money for ACS.

The next year, local residents followed his example and the Relay for Life of Grays Harbor began in 1986, bringing thousands to the area for the 24-hour event on a yearly basis. 

Other local events followed, including an East Grays Harbor and Pacific County event. Both of those events have since ended.

The post from the local group says that for 2023, the closest Relay event is being held in Thurston County.

They add that they do not know if reforming for 2024 will be possible, but more will be known once they learn more form ACS.

From the post, “To everybody who has put blood, sweat, and tears into our Relay over the years: Thank you.”