Rediviva delivering free soup and bread to those in need

Rediviva has announced they have started a community delivery program to bring food to those in need.

In a post to their website, the local restaurant says that;

“We are fortunate to be a part of a wonderful community in Grays Harbor. Times like the current one is hard on all of us, but especially those who are possible out of work, our unable to leave home to buy the things they need, because they don’t want to increase their risk or increase the risk for those around them. We are here to help!”

They announced that they have started a Community Delivery Program that will be delivering 4 meals of homemade, healthy soup and bread weekly to those in need. 

These deliveries will take place on Sunday mornings, and be delivered onto the recipients doorstep free of charge and “safely packaged from contaminants or harm”.

Owner and Chef Andy Bickar added, “Let us help those in need in our community during this time. “

Their program begins with their first delivery on Sunday April 5th and will run every Sunday until business reopens and it’s safe for people to return to their normal lives. 

Anyone in need can apply and they say “We are here to help everyone, and will not discriminate. Demand may constrict supply, so some applicants deemed in higher need may receive the deliveries over others…we hope this doesn’t happen, but apologize if it does!”

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