RAD report released for coastal resiliency

The Washington State Coastal Zone Management Program and Washington Sea Grant announced that they have completed the Resilience Action Demonstration Project (RAD) and they have published the RAD Final Report.

The report is available to the public and describes the outreach, research, and work done with local, state, federal, and Tribal partners in order to enhance existing initiatives and advance local resilience projects and plans for coastal communities. 

The project was a two-year (2019-2021) partnership between the agencies and was a response to needs voiced by coastal communities to help address coastal hazards issues. 

The counties and Tribal reservations of the Washington Pacific Coast, assessed through the RAD

The report is the next step on a path forward and recommended specific state-led actions to strengthen communities’ resilience to coastal hazards.

The RAD team is working with the Governors’ Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council, other state agencies, and university extension programs to implement the recommendations included within the report. 

Download the RAD Final Report: https://wacoastalnetwork.com/resilience-action-demonstration-project/