Quinault Wellness Center celebrates one-year anniversary

The Quinault Wellness Center is celebrating one-year of operation.

In a release from the wellness center, they say they are celebrating the one-year anniversary of opening and “marking a year of dedicated hard work to changing lives, bringing  communities together, and creating a brighter future for people struggling with substance use disorder”.

“We are incredibly proud of all the progress we have made in the past year,” says Chief Operating Officer, Jason Halstead. “Our amazing team has worked hard to bring hope and healing to individuals and families struggling with substance use disorder”.

Dr. Colette Kato, the Medical Director, added, “Reaching the one-year mark is a significant milestone. Our focus remains on continuing to provide the highest quality of care, fostering hope, and supporting the journey to recovery for all our patients.”

The $20 million wellness center opened its doors to clients in October 2022, after publicly announcing plans to the City of Aberdeen in October 2020

At that time, they said that the plan was to convert the former Worksource building on Heron Street in Aberdeen to the facility that would provide a “whole person” approach to treat opioid and other addictions. 

At that time, then Quinault Indian Nation President Fawn Sharp said, “The new clinic will be the first of its kind locally to provide the full range of services needed for individuals and families to overcome roadblocks to recovery.”

In their anniversary announcement this week, staff says that over the past year, the Quinault Wellness Center has “demonstrated an unwavering dedication to its mission” through “cutting-edge therapies, a team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals, and the creation of a nurturing environment” to help individuals “break free from the clutches of substance use disorder and regain control of their lives”.

The Quinault Nation had previously stated that they have spent millions of dollars every year for the past two decades to combat the opioid crisis with limited success before constructing the dedicated facility. 

Unlike traditional treatment approaches, the wellness center features a comprehensive wraparound service that features a “holistic, whole person approach” taking into account the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of patients.

The center offers a number of services, including; medication assisted treatment with wrap-around services such as primary care, dental care, counseling, behavioral health, social services, transportation assistance, childcare, and peer support.