Quinault Vice President recalled

Hundreds of Quinault Tribal Members filled the Taholah School Gymnasium to hear allegations against Tribal officials. A recall petition, signed by 56 members, called for change to come to the area.

President Fawn Sharp, Vice President Andrew Mail, Treasurer Larry Ralston, and Secretary Latosha Underwood were all petitioned for recall by member Coni Wilson.

The meeting was closed to all non tribal members, and behind closed doors.

During public comment, before the doors to the gymnasium were closed, one member recommended that President Sharp voluntarily resign rather than be recalled and have a “black mark on her record.” He suggested that she continue her national work representing the Tribe, but remove herself from local leadership.

Before the petition was presented, a vote from the crowd forced a Parliamentary Procedure expert hired by the Tribe to leave the school for not being a member.

Multiple votes were taken before the agenda to the meeting was approved, and again to adjust how the voting would be handled. According to sources inside the meeting, some Tribal Members did not think that a blanket recall of all 4 executive officers was necessary, and individual recalls should be considered.

Following comments from those in attendance, new ballots were printed listing each officer individually.

The meeting, scheduled to begin at 10 am, lasted until the evening as both members and the officials up for a recall spoke to the crowd.

An anonymous source tells KXRO that following over 9 hours of discussion, and a vote of the people, Andrew Mail was recalled from his position. Sharp, Ralston, and Underwood were all voted to retain their titles.

Vote Count

Recall of Fawn Sharp – 138 Yes, 211 No, 5 Abstain
Recall of Andrew Mail – 196 Yes, 152 No, 6 Abstain
Recall of Larry Ralston – 119 Yes, 232 No, 3 Abstain
Recall of Latosha Underwood – 79 Yes, 267 No, 8 Abstain

Following the recall of Mail, nominations were taken for members to fill the remainder of the position. 1st Councilman Tyson Johnston was nominated for the seat, but declined. Paddle to Quinault coordinator Guy Capoeman, Former 5th councilman James DeLaCruz, and current 5th councilperson Gina James were all nominated as well for the seat.

Capoeman was not in attendance at the meeting, and following a vote of the final candidates, Gina James was announced as new Vice President with a vote of 168-51 over DeLaCruz.

James will join Sharp, Ralston, and Underwood immedietly. A vote to replace James on the Council will be put before the Tribe at the next election.

Quinault General Council

Photo posted to Facebook by Elissa Sampson-Eastman from inside the Taholah School Gymnasium, showing only a portion of the Tribal Members in attendance.



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