Quinault Pride Seafood buys into Pacific Harvest Seafood

Quinault Pride Seafood has placed stake in the Seattle market.

In a release, Quinault Pride Seafood, the tribal seafood processor based in Taholah, announced that it has acquired an ownership stake in Pacific Harvest Seafood. Pacific Harvest is based in the Seattle area and is a seafood marketing firm “specializing in domestic and global sales” of wild salmon and other seafood from the Pacific Northwest.

Myrna Figg, President of Quinault Nation Enterprises tells KXRO, “Quinault Pride Seafood and Pacific Harvest have had a strong working relationship for more than 10 years” adding that the investment into the company will expand their product marketing beyond regional markets and other benefits. “We’re excited to add to our internal marketing capabilities and look forward to adding jobs with more consistency to the local economy.”

Pacific Harvest Seafood has been the exclusive seafood sales agent for Quinault Pride Seafood since 2005.

According to Pacific Harvest Seafood President James Gonzalez, “Quinault Pride Seafood products are among the finest and freshest in the world. We welcome this partnership and look forward to exciting new opportunities through product development and expanded brand marketing.”

Photo Property of Quinault Pride Seafood

Quinault Pride Seafood was established in 1960, operating their processing facility in Taholah at the mouth of the Quinault River, serving both tribal fishermen and razor clam harvesters. They also operate “offloading and icing stations” in Aberdeen and Queets, as well as their 2014 purchase of a plant and dock facility at the Westport Marina which services their fleet of crab, halibut, troll salmon and black cod fishermen.