Quinault Indian Nation confirms two COVID-19 cases in residents

Taholah, WA – The Quinault Indian Nation has confirmed two COVID-19 cases in residents of Taholah and Queets.

In a message posted by Vice President Tyson Johnston, the Quinault Indian Nation is responding to two positive COVID-19 cases that were reported Friday.

According to the message, the cases are a non-tribal member who lives in Taholah and a Quinault citizen who resides in Queets.

The Quinault Indian Nation is offering food delivery and other services for individuals who are placed in quarantine on the reservation. 

They say it is important as a community that they use their processes for Case and Contact Tracing, so everyone who needs resources can access them. 

The message states that this exposure to COVID-19 is an eventuality that was always bound to occur and now that it has it is important to allow safety processes to exhaust themselves. 

They ask residents to please continue to practice social distancing, wear face masks in public, wash your hands often, and follow all other safety guidelines.

The message states,if you believe you may have had close contact with an infected individual, QIN is encouraging the following actions and procedures:

  • Self-quarantine immediately until you are contacted by a trace and contact investigator. Contact tracing is conducted for close contacts of the positive case.
  • If have not been contacted by a trace and contact investigator by Sunday, August 16th, please contact M’Liss DeWald at (360) 589-8173 to see if you need to remain in quarantine.
  • If you are not showing symptoms do not seek out testing immediately as a test may not show a positive result for at least 8 days or longer in asymptomatic individuals who are infected. If you are requested to quarantine, you must stay in quarantine for 8 days before getting tested.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, contact the Roger Saux Health Center (360-276-4405) in Taholah to get tested. When you call request COVID-19 screening and they will connect you to the appropriate personnel

QIN is offering food delivery and other services for individuals who are placed in quarantine on the reservation. For quarantine support or questions please contact Marquel Waugh at 360-591-4340.