PUD warn of new scam targeting customers

The Grays Harbor PUD issued a warning to customers that scammers have been active locally recently.

According to the PUD, scammers appear to be going door-to-door in an effort to get Grays Harbor PUD customers to pay for new metering equipment.  

Officials state that the PUD has received emails stating that multiple customers had been visited by an individual offering to sell a new, roof mounted electricity meter to the customer.  

That individual claimed that the existing meter needed to be replaced and the new meter would save the customer money. 

“Scammers keep coming up with new ways to get people to give them money, but thankfully, so far no one has fallen for this method,” says Customer Service Director Katy Moore.  “If someone shows up at your door and offers to replace PUD equipment or sell you a new meter, do not under any circumstances give them money or offer your personal information.”

When the PUD does replace equipment, official PUD staff are dispatched to do such work and they have no affiliation with companies who offer to replace meters at a lower cost.  

Recipients of such fraudulent visits should under no circumstances agree to send money or give bank account, credit card or other personal information. 

Rather, customers are advised to immediately contact PUD Customer Service at 360-532-4220 to verify the claim.