PUD safety tips for holiday decorations

Aberdeen, WA – As more and more local homes have begun putting up holiday decorations, the Grays Harbor PUD says there are a few things to remember to stay safe.

  • Do not overload electrical outlets. This is one of the most common causes of holiday fires. Remember, only one high wattage appliance per outlet.
  • Look up when hanging outdoor lights. Be sure to know where overhead power lines are when setting up an outdoor ladder. Use a wooden or fiberglass ladder when possible and stay one ladder length away from overhead power lines.
  • Inspect all illuminated decorations for damage. Exposed wires, damaged sockets and loose connections can spark deadly fires.
  • Make sure all extension cords are marked for outdoor use. In addition, keeps those cords clear of snow and standing water.
  • Keep cords from being damaged when hanging lights. Extension or light cords which are pinched by furniture or cut by nails or staples can cause fires or provide a nasty shock.
  • Remember that non-LED lights heat up quickly. Be sure those lights are not touching curtains and other flammable objects.