Public input requested on proposed camping stay limits at WA Parks

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is asking campers to weigh in on proposed changes to its camping stay limits.

The proposed update limits maximum stay lengths to no more than 10 nights in one park within a 30-day period. 

Total nights stayed cannot exceed 90 days per calendar year in all state parks.

The proposed changes will be presented to the Commission during its regular meeting on July 18, 2024. 

If adopted, the new stay limits will go into effect Aug. 18, 2024. Camping stay limits are outlined in Section 7 of WAC 352-32-030.

The current WAC has different stay limits depending on the time of year. This update simplifies stay limits by making them consistent year-round. 

Parks says that it also aims to improve equity by shortening the number of days campers can stay annually to accommodate more recreational use of these facilities. 

Parks is accepting public comment on the proposed stay limit change from June 1 to July 12. Themes gathered from the comments will be provided to the Commission during its meeting on July 18. 

Submit public comments here.

Under the planning project drop down menu, select “Proposed Camping Stay Limits WAC Update.” 

Learn more about the proposed changes here.