Proposed bill would ban right-hand turns at certain red lights

If passed in Olympia, a new bill would make it illegal to turn while sitting at some red stop lights.

House Bill 1582 was written to prohibit drivers from making a right turn within proximity of certain facilities, for safety.

The proposed bill would make it illegal to make a right turn while waiting at a red light if within 1,000 feet of certain facilities.

  • Elementary or secondary school
  • Child care center
  • Public park or playground
  • Recreation center or facility
  • Library
  • Public transit center
  • Hospital
  • Senior center
  • Any other facility with high levels of pedestrian traffic as determined by the local jurisdiction

If the bill moves forward, cities or the department of transportation would be mandated to place signage at each affected controlled intersection.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission would be required to organize a statewide public awareness campaign to inform people about the change in law. This would include public service announcements as well as written and digital education.

If passed, the law would not go into effect until July 1, 2024.