Despite concerns about marking political party, more people turned out in the Presidential Primary this year than in 2016.

As of Tuesday night, 15,333 people voted for the candidates they feel should lead their prospective parties into the November General Election.

8,833 Grays Harbor Democrats voted prior to the Tuesday count, currently pushing former vice President Joe Biden forward with a slight lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Biden leads locally with 31.48% of the vote to Sanders at 31.04%.

In Pacific County, less people have turned out this year than in 2016 as 5,818 were counted as of Tuesday, 330 less than in the 2016 total.

Bernie Sanders is leading in Pacific County with 28.52% to Biden at 26.91%.

Statewide, Sanders leads Biden by a narrow margin at 32.71% to 32.51%.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who is also still in the race performed dismally locally, garnering less than 1% of the vote for both counties and at the statewide level.

Despite being the only Republican option on the ballot, President Donald Trump earned nearly 43% of the Grays Harbor vote overall and over 47% in Pacific County.

In total, 34.03% of Grays Harbor voters turned out in the Presidential Primary and 45% in Pacific County.

Ballots are scheduled to be certified on March 20.