Prefiled bill could create regional apprenticeship programs in WA

A bipartisan bill has been prefiled that would establish regional apprenticeship programs.

HB 1013 was sponsored by Representative Maycumber, but cosponsored by local Representatives Tharinger, Walsh, and Chapman, among others, as of Wednesday.

The bill was prefiled this week and would update state law by establishing regional apprenticeship programs through educational service districts.

The proposal says that “apprenticeship programs provide important graduation pathways and future career opportunities to students. These programs also benefit employers by providing them with an opportunity to train students for jobs in industries that are important to local communities. “

The program is dependent on funding sources, and would consist of two sites in the pilot program, one on each side of the Cascade mountains.

If approved, the priority of the legislation would be to place one of the pilot program sites in a district with a high percentage of small, rural school districts.

This bill is expected to be filed officially when the Legislative Session begins in January.