Port of Grays Harbor holding surplus auctions

Interested buyers can purchase equipment, furniture, electronics, and other items put up for auction by the Port of Grays Harbor.

The Port states that items that have been replaced with upgrades, have become worn or obsolete to their operations, or are surplus are available to bid on through GovDeals website.

These items are part of the online public auction and feature various surplus computer hardware, office furniture, and other items up for bid currently.

The online auction is set to end on May 12th. 

The Port says that coming next week, a second auction consisting of surplus items from the Westport Marina is scheduled to begin. 

A third auction is expected to launch later in May with surplus heavy equipment up for bid.

 Photos and descriptions of auction items are available at govdeals.com/pgh.  

A link to the auction is also available on the Port’s website portofgraysharbor.com.  

Bidders are responsible for pick-up of their items.