Police looking for suspects in wheel and tire theft

Montesano, WA – Police are looking for the culprits in a theft where a vehicle had the wheels and tires taken out from under it.

The Montesano Police Department posted that on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, four tires and wheels were stolen from a red, Isuzu Trooper parked at the intersection of Monte-Elma Road and East Beacon Avenue.  

Police say the suspects entered the location from East Beacon Avenue,  jacked the vehicle up, removed the tires and wheels, and left heading back into Montesano on East Beacon Avenue.  

They say the tires are larger truck tires and the wheels are older mag wheels with 6 lugs.

If anyone is aware of someone in the past two days that has obtained new wheels and tires for their pick-up, matching this description, and they are within or immediately around the City of Montesano, please contact the Montesano Police Department at (360) 249-1031.