Plastic bag ban passed in Washington

A ban on single-use plastic bags passed through the state legislature and now moves onto the Governor’s desk.

Under SB 5323, it would be unlawful for a retail establishment to provide a customer a single-use plastic bag or a bag that does not meet updates standards, although they can provide a reusable carryout bag that would cost $0.08 each.

19th District Representative Jim Walsh says that the rules would allow some time for local businesses to adjust;

This ban would not apply to plastic bags for bulk fruit, nuts, small hardware items, those used to wrap frozen food or flowers, those intended for pet waste, and other similar uses.

Walsh added that the new law could benefit the local economy, bringing work back to local mills,

Among the requirements for reusable carryout bags are that they have a minimum lifetime of at least 125 uses, which means the capacity to carry a minimum of twenty-two pounds one hundred twenty-five times over a distance of at least one hundred seventy-five feet, and be machine washable that can be cleaned or disinfected.

This bill replaces all local city ordinances related to carryout bags.

The rule would take effect Jan. 1, 2021.