Plastic bag ban at Walmart begins April 18, both locally and across the state

Walmarts across Washington will remove single-use bags one month from now.

It was announced by the local Walmart and others across the state that the retailer would be doing away with single use bags as of April 18, forcing residents to bring their own reusable bags or find other options when shopping.

Walmart will offer reusable bags and containers for purchase within stores. 

The change will also impact customers who use pickup services, although reports indicate that Walmart will have paper bags available for delivery orders.

Washington followed state law in putting a single-use plastic bag ban in place that has brought charges of 8 cents for carryout bags. 

Walmart had joined the “Beyond the Bag” initiative in 2020, alongside other major retailers. The campaign sought to find sustainable and convenient alternatives to single-use bags. 

Washington is not the first state that Walmart has gone to a bagless model. 

The company had already made similar changes in Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont, along with Canada and Mexico.