Plan for a healthy Lake Quinault under development by Quinault Nation

The Quinault Indian Nation Division of Natural Resources tells KXRO that they are developing a Lake Quinault Management Plan to guide future management of the lake. 

According to a release, the plan will be developed through the summer of 2021 with draft recommendations available for public feedback in August 2021. 

This plan is said to be based on best available science and traditional ecological knowledge and informed by input from tribal members, managing jurisdictions and the Quinault Lake community.

Tribal members and Lake Quinault community members can provide input via a short online survey, community meetings and public open houses planned for summer 2021.

The plan is set to address activities that can damage clean water and lake health, including leaking sewage systems, dumping, poaching, bulkhead construction, herbicide use and invasive species, such as zebra and quagga mussels, and knotweed, which can be transported by boats, trailers and other boating accessories. 

Recommendations will include examples of effective management actions being taken in other lakes in the region. 

According to the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN), which owns and manages the waters and bed of Lake Quinault up to its Ordinary High Water Mark, of particular concern is protection and restoration of Blueback. This genetically distinct population of Sockeye salmon spend up to ten months in Lake Quinault completing their maturation process before swimming upriver to spawn.

Due to diminishing runs, the QIN Blueback fishery will remain closed in 2021 for the fourth year running. 

“We look forward to everyone’s input as we develop this comprehensive and overdue plan to protect and enhance clean water and the health of Lake Quinault for people, fish, and wildlife,” said QIN Vice President and Lake Quinault resident, Fawn Sharp. “Lake Quinault is sacred to us and we are committed to being responsible stewards for the benefit of current and future generations of the Quinault people and our non-tribal neighbors.”

Throughout plan development QDNR will be holding meetings with tribal members, Lake Quinault community members and business owners, managing agencies and others.

Two public open houses will be held in late summer to present the draft plan recommendations and receive community feedback. The open houses are planned to be held in Taholah and at Lake Quinault.

To find out more about the plan development and to see when these events are scheduled, check out the project webpage at:

Please visit the project webpage for more information on the how the plan development is going:  

The public is encouraged to access the online survey here: