Pasha change leads to local lay-offs 

*UPDATED* This story originally indicated that Pasha chose to make the move. Chrysler was responsible for the relocation of automotive shipping services, and not The Pasha Group.*UPDATED*

Chrysler has chosen to move their automotive shipping contract to a Portland operation and will no longer be ran by Pasha Automotive Services in Grays Harbor.

As a result of this change, 39 employees within Pasha Automotive Services are under a temporary lay-off.

No jobs are being impacted under the local Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals L.P. office as a result.

General Manager Penny Eubanks told KXRO that while the change has forced the lay-offs, she and the local office are pursuing other contracts with companies and that is why they are being considered as temporary.

Eubanks added that Pasha Automotive Services is “dedicated to Grays Harbor” and there are currently no plans to move the company out of the area and this is only the result of the Chrysler change. 

On their website, Eubanks writes that this year the Aberdeen facility shipped over 600,000 vehicles out of the Port of Grays Harbor and processed over 500,000.


From Pasha Automotive Grays Harbor