Pacific County officials issue survey to learn local COVID-19 impacts

The Pacific County Emergency Operations Center, in coordination with Pacific County government officials, announced they are conducting a survey to gather information about the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pacific County that they describe as “very important “. 

According to a release, the survey is meant to learn about local experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak and asks a series of short questions related to the pandemic.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, but officials are looking for a broad response.

The survey is voluntary and participants can skip any question or end the questions at any point. 

The survey data is subject to public records; however, survey answers are anonymous. 

This survey does not ask you for any identifying personal information. 

The deadline for the survey to be complete by is May 25th, 2020. Links to the survey are listed below.



These links as well as accurate and up-to-date sources of online information can be found at Pacific County Department of Health & Human Services at

For more information, please contact the Direct Response line at (360) 875-9407 / (360) 642-9407 or [email protected].