Pacific County Emergency Management Agency and Washington Geological Survey to introduce Draft Tsunami Walk Maps

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency and the Washington Geological Survey are set to introduce Draft Tsunami Walk Maps.

Pacific County Emergency Management tells KXRO that tsunami and earthquake experts will be in Pacific County June 19 for presentations and discussions to their council on newly drafted tsunami evacuation walk maps.

They say this will be an opportunity for community stakeholders and government leaders to see the preliminary drafts of these products for the Ilwaco/Cape Disappointment area, as well as for the Seaview/Long Beach area.

Leaders will also be given the opportunity to discuss routing, assembly areas, wave arrival times, and other points of interest.

Officials from the Washington Emergency Management Division will be joined by the Washington Geological Survey and the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency.

There will also be a brief opportunity for public comment.

The meeting will be held at 1pm in the Pacific County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room located in the Pacific County Annex 1216 Robert Bush Drive W, in South Bend.

For More information please feel free to contact Scott McDougall at [email protected] or by calling (360)875-9338 or (360)642-9338.